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Forkæl dig selv med vores luksuriøse toilettasker, der kombinerer stil og funktionalitet på enestående vis. Vores tasker er fremstillet af førsteklasses frottébomuld og merinould, der sikrer både holdbarhed og en følelse af velvære. Med omhu fremstillet i Italien, tilbyder vores toilettasker den perfekte balance mellem elegance og praktisk anvendelighed, så du kan rejse med stil og lethed.


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Wool toilet bag - Brown checkWool toilet bag - Brown check
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Terry toilet bag - Light greyTerry toilet bag - Light grey
Terry toilet bag - NatureTerry toilet bag - Nature
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Terry toiletry bag - Green Sale price345 DKK

Practical toiletry bag for you on the go

Whether it's a long trip abroad or a quick overnight stay, a toiletry bag is important. Every woman needs a stylish yet functional bag to store all her toiletries in - from skin care to hair care, toothbrushes to perfume and deodorants - you have plenty of room to store your beauty and personal care products in one go for any special occasion apartment in these toiletry bags. And don't forget the added bonus that with such a practical bag you can keep your bathroom items in order when you're away from home. Find the perfect travel partner for the bathroom!

Ethically produced in Italy

If you're looking for something that's not only stylish but also ethically conscious, why not consider a wool or cotton toiletry bag made in Italy? Handcrafted with the finest craftsmanship, this unique toiletry bag combines traditional and modern techniques to give you something truly special. Not only does it look great, but its natural materials are also environmentally friendly and come from renewable sources. This toiletry bag is the perfect gift for any eco-conscious person and adds a touch of Italian flair wherever it goes!