Flax pillows

Fremhæv dit hjem med vores eksklusive pyntepuder, håndlavet med en unik kombination af elegance og komfort. Hver pude er skabt af 100% luksuriøst linned for at tilføre dit hjem en subtil luksuriøs følelse. Produceret med omhu i Italien, kombinerer vores pyntepuder skandinavisk minimalisme med italiensk håndværk for at skabe et tidløst design, der løfter enhver indretning til nye højder.


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Flax pillow - Taupe
Flax pillow - Taupe Sale price595 DKK
Flax pillow - Chocolate
Flax pillow - Chocolate Sale price595 DKK
Flax pillow - Nature
Flax pillow - Nature Sale price595 DKK
Flax pillow - Pink
Flax pillow - Pink Sale price595 DKK
Flax pillow - Sky blue
Flax pillow - Sky blue Sale price595 DKK
Flax pillow - Grey
Flax pillow - Grey Sale price595 DKK
Flax pillow - Sage Green
Flax pillow - Sage Green Sale price595 DKK

Cushions with covers in natural materials

Our pillows in 100% European linen are soft, cozy and luxurious. They immediately set the tone for a modern home and combine modern design with pleasant comfort. So why not go a step further and add something unique to your home? This pillow is a great way to bring a sense of effortless lightness into your home and make it feel like a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The long-lasting quality of the cushion also makes it ideal for those who are looking for products that will last for many years to come.

Beautiful cushions produced in Italy

These throw pillows made in Italy are truly stunning. It's the perfect way to add style and charm to any room - with beautiful colors and detailed embroidery, they look like works of art. Plus, Italian craftsmanship is known for its quality, so you know these cushions are built to last. Whether used on a chair, as a centerpiece on a bed or sofa, these pillows will add plenty of beauty and joy to your life.

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