Wrap yourself in coziness with our soft and warm throws, created to add comfort to your relaxing moments. Made from premium materials, our throws are woven with care from the finest wool, ensuring a warm and comfortable feel. Each throw is designed with the perfect balance between lightweight comfort and an airy texture, so you can wrap yourself in pure well-being. Our plaids are made with care at our partner factory in Lithuania.


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Anholt wool plaid - Dark brown Anholt wool plaid - Dark brown
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Geometry wool plaid - Bordeaux Geometry wool plaid - Bordeaux
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Abstract wool plaid - Grey
Abstract wool plaid - Grey Sale price1.195 DKK
Anholt wool plaid - Cappucino Anholt wool plaid - Cappucino
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Geometry wool plaid - Beige Geometry wool plaid - Beige
Geometry wool plaid - Beige Sale price1.295 DKK
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Anholt wool plaid - Grey Anholt wool plaid - Grey
Anholt wool plaid - Grey Sale price1.245 DKK
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Geometry wool plaid - Green Geometry wool plaid - Green
Geometry wool plaid - Green Sale price1.295 DKK
Anholt wool plaid - Blue
Anholt wool plaid - Blue Sale price495 DKK Regular price1.245 DKK
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Sildeben uld plaid - GråSildeben uld plaid - Grå
Sildeben uld plaid - Grå Sale price1.245 DKK
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Sildeben uld plaid - BeigeSildeben uld plaid - Beige
Sildeben uld plaid - Beige Sale price1.245 DKK

Create coziness with a plaid

A versatile and cozy plaid is an important part of the decor all year round. Whether you're cozying up on the couch in the winter or enjoying a cool summer evening to watch the stars, a comfortable and stylish throw will be your best friend. Our plaids bridge the gap between winter and summer weather - warm enough for chilly days, but light enough to be enjoyed when it starts to get hot. So don't forget - a good plaid can make all seasons more pleasant!

Add new life to the home decor with a comfortable plaid

Adding a beautiful plaid pattern to your home is a great way to give it an instant touch of warmth and coziness. Whether you choose to go bold with colorful throws or a subtle earth tone, with an understated design, these beautiful throws will easily liven up any room. Our throw can easily hang over the back of your sofa and add a comfortable aesthetic, while also acting as a practical source of warmth when needed. No matter how you bring it in, you'll add plaid to your home and add personality and style that you can enjoy for years to come!

Woolmark certified - what does it mean?

All our plaids are Woolmark certified. An international standard for quality and responsible production in the wool industry. This means that all our throws are made from pure wool and produced using methods that take into account both the environment and the health of the workers.

Six advantages of wool plaids


Wool is a natural insulating material that retains heat well. Woolen blankets are therefore ideal for keeping you warm in the cold winter or on cool summer nights.


Wool is also breathable so it can regulate the temperature and not keep you too hot or cold. It can help ensure a good and comfortable night's sleep because it keeps your body temperature at a comfortable level.


Wool is a natural material that is sustainable and can be recycled. When you choose a wool plaid, you can make a positive difference to the environment, as wool is a sustainable and recyclable material.


Woolen plaids can be used all year round, summer and winter. As an extra warm layer in winter or for cool summer nights.


Wool is a robust material that can last for many years if you take good care of it.


Wool is hypoallergenic, so it is a good choice for people with allergies or asthma.